SMIE, the original manufacturers of digitally-enabled anti-collision systems for cranes, has announced a merger at shareholder level with leading jobsite BIM experts, Smart Jobsite. It is confirmed that group stakeholders will transition to a single body, with SMIE remaining a privately-owned company.

“There is a natural similarity between the two companies,” says CEO Jean-Charles Delplace. “It makes complete sense for our organisations to work together, supporting each other as we aim to achieve a common goal which is to create safer, more efficient, more productive construction and building sites through the design and implementation of digital solutions.”

To remain focussed on their respective markets, both SMIE and Smart Jobsite will continue to operate as distinct organisations, each concentrating on the ongoing development of innovative, technology-supported solutions to meet the needs of modern site managers and prime contractors and revolutionise the industry. Concluding the merger, Jean-Charles Delplace PhD has been appointed CEO of both organisations, with SMIE founder and inventor of crane anti-collision systems, Jean-Louis Olivier, being appointed Chairman.

The joining of forces comes at a time when site safety specialist SMIE has cited a commitment to extending its technologies and solutions to support not only lift management but the entire building process. The merger with technology expert Smart Jobsite will enable SMIE to further develop its existing systems and create new products. The support of Smart Jobsite’s advanced solutions will facilitate more effective management, monitoring, and reporting.

Jean-Louis Olivier the inventor of crane anti-collision systems began SMIE’s journey 43 years ago. Since then, SMIE has become an internationallyrenowned anti-collision specialist, recently introducing enhancements to its highly successful ProSITE system to incorporate Wi-Fi communications technologies to minimise downtime.

Smart Jobsite, also based in France, is dedicated to developing easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable solutions to simplify the construction industry and create platforms that enable site managers to plan, manage and report through a single interface. Keeping all jobsite data together in one place, Smart Jobsite’s products include the Smart Shackle load measuring system which delivers kilogram accurate data directly to a smartphone.

The merger of the two companies is expected to enable customers of both organisations to benefit from a wider set of features, new technologies, and truly revolutionary ideas that will address common concerns of site
management teams and offer effective solutions to work site challenges.

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