We are excited to share that ZoomLion is developing its integrated Anti-Collision protocol with us 🎉🎉. We released the SMIE CANOpen Protocol about two years ago, to make the crane manufacturer’s life easier. We have standardised the communication and have combined all information that needs to be exchange between a crane PLC and an Anti-Collision system. We also integrated the future AI standards for self driving applications. 💪 Thanks to SMIE CANOpen Protocol and to the amazing ZoomLion engineering team, the development is soon to be finished and tested. ZoomLion team has been incredibly kind and welcoming🤩 and we are so happy to work with one of key player in the crane manufacturing market, which like us, has a very long and successful track record of industry innovationS.😄 As we are just starting, stay tuned for more updates on the results of the testing! 😉

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