🌟 We are thrilled to announce significant advancements in the machine control system for the WOLFFKRAN. 🏗️

Controlling the WOLFFKRAN has been a major undertaking that has occupied us for over two years. These cranes are incredibly powerful, and the challenges posed by Mast Twist and Counter Slewing have made our work even more demanding. However, thanks to our latest implemented algorithm, we have successfully optimized the crane’s behavior and replicated our standard operating procedure. Now, we gradually reduce the crane’s speed before entering the approach zone, where we restrict the jib to operate at a slow speed.

With the implementation of this algorithm, we have achieved a remarkable feat by reducing the safety distance to as little as one meter. This is made possible because we approach the area at a low speed, which significantly facilitates our precise stopping. 💪🏻

No other anti-collision system has come close to achieving this level of control over these cranes, and we take great pride in this accomplishment. 🤩

We are delighted to possess this level of control over WOLFFKRAN cranes of all sizes (high, low), models, and configurations (luffing jib, saddle jib). This capability allows us to effortlessly manage and supervise WOLFFKRAN operations, ensuring smooth and safe lifting activities on construction sites. 💪🏻

We extend our sincere appreciation to Verhelst, WOLFFKRAN UK, WOLFFKRAN France and WOLFFKRAN Arabia for granting us the opportunity to enhance our algorithm and allowing us to utilize their cranes for optimization. We are truly grateful for this opportunity. 🙏

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