SMIE has today announced that its UK subsidiary Cranesafe will change name and formally join the SMIE family as SMIE UK. At an operational and management level there will be no change with David Start remaining as General Manager.

Over the last month, the French Anti-Collision experts have been telling the world about major shakeups in their structure, starting with the merger of SMIE with Smart Jobsite.

Group CEO, Jean-Charles Delplace commented “it shouldn’t be a surprise really that we have taken this step, as all of our customers know that Cranesafe has operated as a subsidiary of  SMIE for the past 10 years.”

With plans to formalise and release details of a wider franchise model, SMIE has been positioning itself to manage this transition through the alignment of its brand. This was seen most recently with the appointment of Nick Palfrey as Group CMO.

Delplace added “ We want our customers to have total confidence in the SMIE brand, the world over and its important that everyone can see who we are and where we operate, this is a positive change welcomed by the UK team and we look forward to their success under the SMIE brand”.

Details of further franchising arrangements will be released in due course but it remains a model that fits with the industry.