“Alto Tamega Dam” is one of the largest hydroelectric projects developed in Europe in the last 25 years.🥳 This large renewable infrastructure will have a storage capacity of 40 million kWh, equivalent to the energy consumed by 11 million people during 24 hours in their homes.⚡️

ProSITE has been chosen for its incredible ability to manage complex forbidden zones💪🏻. It requires just a PC💻 or a Tablet to configure them remotely.
Thanks to the integration of the jobsite drawing, we trace the restricted areas in a few seconds✍️. Once it’s done, we send the update to the cranes instantly without using or stoping them 🤩!
Today on the market, the systems require to take each point of each zone with each crane😮‍💨, which consume a lot of production time and energy.🥱

ProSITE app allows to activate✅ or deactivate❌ these forbidden zones remotely📲, it can be done zone by zone or all at once, to let crane enter if necessary with just two clicks.😉

This is unique to ProSITE !! 🥳🥳

With ProSITE, complicated jobsites become easy to manage.😌

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