We know that crane manufacturers have a lot on their plate. That’s why we did our homework to help them integrate the communication with the Anti-Collision systems in just a few days. 👌

We released the SMIE CANOpen Protocol about a year ago, to make life easier. We have standardised the communication, and have combined all the informations that needs to be exchange between a crane PLC and an Anti-Collision system. We also integrated the future AI standards for self driving applications. 💪

ARCOMET just integrated this protocol, and experienced how fast and practical it was. All together the project took less than 15 days to be completed from the first discussion to the test and validation on site ! 🤩🤩

The first crane that uses the protocol is rented by UPERIO on the “Oceana” project in Sweden.

We are happy to have reduced the integration duration from months to just a few days! Thanks to Keith and all the ARCOMET team. We are looking forward to working more with you guys. 🥰🥰 🎉🎉

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