Experience unparalleled safety with our Anti-collision 2.0 – the undisputed best crane Anti-collision system on the market. Elevate your operations with cutting-edge technology, ensuring unmatched precision and peace of mind.

  • 1X CPU (UC51),
  • 1X Display (TB52) ,
  • 1X Radio ( RWS4G ) ,
  • 1X Flashlight (SL52),
  • 1X Orientation Sensor (BROR51),
  • 1X Interface Machine (IM50) ,
  • 1X Trolley Sensor (BR50) ,
  • 1X Windspeed Sensor (TR41) 

Load moment indicators included.

Requires the Anti-collision 2.0 for zoning and anti-collision operations.

The Anti-collision 2.0 is available as a monthly subscription or as a one-time payment.